Family History

Want to know more about your family but don’t know where to start?

Been researching but hit a brick wall?

I’m here to help!


African American

Hit a wall at 1865? Have ancestors free before people of color were fully recorded in standard US records? Can’t make sense of extended families and frequently changing surnames? Think your ancestors may have been enslaved in the north? They aren’t lost.

Pennsylvania Dutch

Great big families following identical naming conventions for generations, records in German, and Mennonites didn’t even keep vital records! I’ll help you get them sorted out!

Italian American

Our Italian American ancestors often had their names anglicized, their accents misunderstood, or they moved around a lot in search of work. So much can make them hard to pin down. But I can help trace your Italian family back centuries into Europe.

Scots Irish

Early to settle, constantly re-defining the boundaries of the frontier from Pennsylvania south and westward. Disappearing acts starting in the 18th century. I can track them down!