Find Your Italian Roots

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Applying for Dual Citizenship? Or just want to learn about your family history? I’m here to help.

No matter what details of their lives are mysterious now; no matter how complicated their stories may seem, we can cast a light on their lives.

Maybe you’re in the process of applying for jure sanguinis Italian citizenship and need one or a few documents to confirm your line of descent. From Palermo to Parma, I can help you with that, even if you’re not sure what documents might exist yet.

I am skilled in reconstructing histories of Italian American families whose members moved far apart from each other once in the US, whose names were shortened, mangled, or intentionally changed to something entirely different. We can find your ancestors’ immigration and naturalization records, marriages, occupations, and even cousins you never you knew you had, descendants of great-aunts and -uncles who came with your ancestors to America.

Back in the ‘old country’, discover where your ancestors were born and raised their families. Learn the locations of their homes and churches and see their extended family network and story unfold before your eyes.

Wherever you are in your journey to discover your heritage, I can help you along the way.