House History

As a 10th generation south-central Pennsylvanian, I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for and familiarity with the architectural vernacular in my home region and the people who created our built environment.

I can help you discover the hidden stories contained within your historic home or building. I can also help you identify appropriate means for preservation or restoration of your property.

An old house is built with intentions for the use of each room, and those uses often change over time. The house is altered, perhaps expanded, expanded even multiple times to accommodate growing families and prosperity. If the property was farm, a change in property use or size often shifted the way the house was used too. Outbuildings were constructed, and what was once a pig barn became a chicken coop; a springhouse gained a second floor and become a widow’s quarters; a blacksmith shop became the garage. From the original occupants to its place as your beloved abode today, your property has layers waiting to be peeled back and explored.

A variety of packages are available, depending on how much you’d like to discover!

I’m also happy to work with real estate professionals looking to move listings beyond “own a piece of history” clichés to ensure that the uniqueness of clients’ historic properties shine and quickly attract a buyer.

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